to carry out our projects we rely on solid technologies recommended by market leaders.


.NET Core

The .net technologies for Microsoft environments and its “Core” derivation - also intended for Linux and Mac - enjoy great diffusion and robustness. They are our first choice for management software, websites and desktop applications.


Azure / AWS

Choosing cloud allows for business growth without the limits of a proprietary systems infrastructure. Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are the leaders in the market: security, reliability and scalability.


Kotlin / Swift

Modern languages have been designed to significantly improve the development phase and reduce the possibility of errors. Google and Apple have chosen these official languages to develop the best known and most modern Apps.


Flutter / React / Angular

The most popular and growing frameworks in web development are the perfect choices to be able to develop powerful websites and management without having to compromise.



The portable nature of Java and its widespread use make it versatile and usable in many contexts. It turns out to be for us a choice for the development of backend services of various kinds.


SQL Server

Keeping data safe and querying them quickly are now fundamental requirements. That's why we rely on the efficiency and power of SQL Server to manage millions of data.

The IT world is sophisticated, we know it.

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